Drs. Tirado and Kinkade are able to help many patients with vision loss to keep reading, writing, driving and performing many other important activities.

We strive to get you to see better with the newest advances in low vision rehabilitation.  How much better depends on the level of your vision, what you want to see and do, and your ability to adapt to new ways of seeing.  We invite you to browse our website to learn more about our treatments to get you to see better. 

Call us at 800 756 0766 to speak to Dr. Tirado personally to see if your are a candidate.


  • Thank you for how wonderful you have been to my mom!

    - Jimmy
  • They've definitely helped me much more than anything else I've tried.... I am very excited! Something that didn't seem possible to me a few months ago is now within reach, thanks to you. I'm very grateful to you. 

    - Rebecca
  • These glasses have helped me to read again and also to watch television. My retinal specialist told me that nothing more could be done, but these glasses are definitely worth the cost. I have become more independent with them and I enjoy being able to see!

    - - Elizabeth W.

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