Spectacle Miniature Telescopes


Spectacle Miniature Telescopes (SMTs) are mini-telescopes built into glasses. SMTs allow the patient’s prescription to be incorporated inside telescope as well as into the eyeglass lens. The telescopes can be prescribed for one or both eyes depending the level of vision and the patient’s goals.

Reading SMTs are beneficial for reading, seeing the computer, cards, and crafts.

Full-diameter SMTs are used for reading, television and seeing faces.

Bioptic SMTs are best used for driving, walking, theater, museums, and scenery.

Dr. Kinkade SMT Television Interview

Spectacle Miniature Telescopes

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  • "These glasses have helped me to read again and also to watch television. My retinal specialist told me that nothing more could be done, but these glasses are definitely worth the $2,000 cost. I have become more independent with them and I enjoy being able to see!"
    - Elizabeth W.