4M, 36 point, headlines:

The purpose of your visit is to help

you use your vision more


3M, 24 point, sub-headlines: Your vision can be

helped by using optical aids such as specially

designed glasses, magnifiers, and other low vision

devices (CCTVs, screen magnifiers, large print checks).

2.5M, 20 point, large print: Optical aids may improve your

ability to read and watch TV.  They may require you to hold

material close to your eyes or see only a small area at a time.

The benefits of these aids usually outweigh the limitations

when you really want to maximize your vision. (860) 567-3133

2M, 16 point: Your vision can be helped by learning to use your vision more

efficiently than you do now by viewing and scanning differently, using better

lighting, by using larger materials (enlarged checks and bold line markers) and

higher contrast materials.  (860) 567-3133

1.6M, 12 point books: Utilizing alternative means to perform certain tasks can help your vision.  These include your hearing (talking watches and appliances, adaptive text-to-speech computer software, and audio books), and those that use your sense of touch (paper with raised bold line writing lines and tactile markers you can feel).        1 tsp salt   (860) 567-3133

1.2M, 10 point newspapers: Vision rehabilitation takes time.  Newspaper print may be easier to read than this sentence. We may need to see you for several visits to make sure that you are getting the best prescriptive aids and that the goals you want to accomplish are realistic and obtainable.  We will be working closely with your eye doctor to give you the best chance for success.    1 cup of oil.   2 tsp oregano  (860) 567-3133

1M, 9 point medicine bottles: You will be most successful if you are motivated to learn new ways of doing things.  You may feel eye strain and fatigue, but you cannot damage your eyes by using them.  You should be able to read a medicine bottle with practice.  2 cups sugar

.8M 8 point telephone book: If you can read this, then with a little effort you will be able to read a telephone book.  Remember to hold this at the correct distance and use the best lighting for your eyes.  Your reading speed will increase with practice.  (860) 567-3133