An eye specialist diagnosed Karen and Sharon with juvenile macular degeneration and said "There’s not much to be done." Our mom was heartbroken.

Years later, mom read an article about an IALVS (International Academy of Low Vision Specialists) doctor who designed special glasses that helped people with macular degeneration.

"More curious than skeptical, we went. And it changed everything! For the first time in thirty years we could read! We can see God’s big beautiful world as clearly as ever."


ClearImage II Reading Microscopes provide high-power magnification. The large diameter (40 mm) field of view provides distortion-free optics using high index glass lenses. A magnesium-fluoride anti-reflection coating improves light transmission through the lenses.

ClearImage II Reading Microscopes come in powers from 2X to 8X magnification. The more magnification, the closer the reading material must be held to the glasses (i.e., reduced focal length). Patients must learn to hold their reading materials closer than they were used to.

The stronger the glasses, the closer the reading material must be held. For example, a 3X system must be held 3.5” from the glasses. They also require the reading material to be held consistently at the proper distance due to the reduced depth of field. Moving the material an inch in either direction will cause the reading material to blur.